Deeply rooted in digital, Phil’s ambition and marketing know-how landed him a job at the Historic Los Angeles Times office in Downtown Los Angeles. During his time as a Digital Campaign Specialist he took over (25+) live campaigns and continued to keep ads pumping over the next year. He tracked Millions of impressions, CTR’s, and provided valuable analysis to his team of media planners and extended sales team. He was entrusted during the chaotic schedule of the Academy awards and the Grammy’s Phil was the point person for the Digital Advertising Operation team.


He set live multi-million dollar home page take-overs, video scrollers, and mobile friendly Ads for notable high value advertisers including: Netflix, Sony Pictures Classic, The Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Disney, NBC Universal, 21st Century Fox, The Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the LA Rams…to name a few.

Qualifications for this role

  • Experience with ad serving platforms (DFP/DFA/DSM)

  • Strong Knowledge of web-based, mobile and video Display Advertising Units

  • Knowledge of Ad Tag Syntax or HTML

  • Understanding of ad units of measurements (CPM/CPD/CPC) and ability to use Media Math in relation to the industry (Gross vs. Net/CPM/E-CPM)

  • Ability to deal with challenging customers, diffuse escalated situations with provided solutions

  • Must be able to prioritize multiple assignments, with a high degree of accuracy, and function quickly in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment

  • Build and maintain relationships with local market Operations, local and national Sales Teams, Agencies and Advertisers

  • Provide pre and post-sales support by ordering, reserving, delivering and reporting on the advertising units or campaign that has been sold

  • Secure and process ad creative, verify the ad specs, among other details associated with the successful launch of an online ad campaign

  • Optimize campaigns to enhance performance

  • Assist with billing issues and support collection efforts

  • Execute change requests and revisions to online ad campaigns in a timely fashion to meet deadlines

  • Analytically troubleshoot issues for internal and external customers

  • Stay abreast of company digital products, industry issues, trends and ad serving solutions