The Hope Association 



I went along with my mentors advice,

"It could change your life forever." Anthony couldn't have been more right. I 'went along' with it for over 15,000 miles, 91 day on the road, and one of my most memorable, impactful projects to date. Documenting the journey of Ultra Marathoner Dr. Levi Rizk run across the states was no easy task. He partnered up with The Hope Association,  a kingdom building, local non-profit, in an effort to bring about social change.  

My role in this project was small, but one that I was greatly challenged with and only able to overcome through unceasing effort. I initially partnered with HOPE to amplify the voice and reach of the organization. Having a passion for storytelling, an appreciation for film making, and a tenacity for an exhilarating challenge; I went along for a real journey. I later learned HOPE needed a lot more then just a media guy.

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Being a one-man media crew and road crew for Levi as he ran across America left me with little to no time to shower (not joking) so I teamed up with Steve Jeter, a local film maker from Washington D.C. He met us on the last day of the run to collect some B role and concluding shots as Levi made his way into DC.

Together Steve and I brought fourth this amazing production, enjoy.


Publication Submissions:

Marketing & Campaign Manager


some of My noted experience

  • I spearheaded, managed, and directed all marketing and social media channels. I carried the load for strategy, content creation, and logistical operations of the cross-country run.

  • Assisted in the development of the Run for Hope App. Provided technical assistance in live tracking, troubleshooting, provided feedback and constant analysis on App’s UX, design, and user engagement.

  • I operated independently with an advertising budget, creative direction, and as an intermediary between our public relations office and media stations across the nation.

  • Generated over 80,000 views on videos, 30,000 website impressions, and thousands of shares on Social media channels.

  • Created and uploaded graphics, copy, and images for the organization’s website

  • Embraced the Hope brand and acting as a professional representative of the organization to dignitaries across America.

  • Researched new online media opportunities that may benefit the Non-profit including live mobile coverage, social media, and the development of an iPhone and Android App to track Levi as he ran Across America

  • Designed website banners and created web visuals

  • Communicated with donors, networked on behalf of the organization and created media pitch decks to attract sponsors

  • Juggled a vast array of media and non-media tasks while meeting daily deadlines of ensuring live coverage of the run.

The Project 

Driving An RV across America...

During our 3 month journey, wearing multiple hats was imperative. I juggled roles such as: Marketing & Campaign Manager, drone pilot, captain of a 40ft coach, photographer, handyman, cinematographer, social media wiz, babysitter, public relations liaison, HOPE ambassador and newly added member of the Rizk family: Uncle Phil. 

Content Creation

  • Developed and implemented content marketing strategies to drive fundraising efforts.

  • Managed the contact database.

  • Provided direction with lead generation activities.

Data driven results

google analytics image.png
  • Provided reporting and conducted web statistics reporting

  • Contributed to social media engagement and brand awareness campaigns

  • Used Google Analytics and Facebook data to monitor performance of campaign results and create appealing content for viewers


Keeping up

For this project, finding balance was as crucial as coffee. Our clock was running fast and very few were able to keep up with Levi’s pace.. Using data and creative story telling I was able to bring HOPE to a national audience.

Thankfully by Gods grace I was able to independently document the cross-country run of Dr. Rizk, and journey of his (then) pregnant wife, Mandy, their sweet little 2 year old daughter, Irie and newest member of the Rizk family; Lavi.

Dr. Rizk (and his family) helped transform lives of many children by using his talents with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

They inspire me to live more sacrificially every day.


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